Property Description

A solitary log cabin high in the Canadian Rockies situated in a flower strewn meadows between a sparkling, trout-filled mountain lake and a bubbling, crystal clear stream. High grassy ridges beckon you to walk for miles surrounded by jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain scenery with nothing but the sound of the wind and the screech of eagles to keep you company. You won't find any jet-skis here. No nearby shopping malls or quaint boutiques to amuse you. There won't be any neighbors dropping in unannounced unless you count the local wildlife. Up here life is almost too silent to be real. The natural beauty is so astounding it leaves you breathless. This is where rivers start and the forests are still wild. Though you won't find a lot of the usual things up here... what you will find might just be priceless...a fresh perspective.


Edgewater, British Columbia

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